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A guide to sharing your consultation

A shared agenda and shared management plan are increasingly important parts of consultation skills. This guide will show you the benefits of this and give some helpful top tips to empower patients by incorporating sharing into your interactions.

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Working as a Patient Simulator (Video)

Working as a Patient Simulator (Video) Last year I was asked to take part in a short film produced by the Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) course at the University of Nottingham. The film aims to help demonstrate how patient simulation and their communication skills...

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7 Top Tips to Pass Your Exam

Exams are stressful. They are expensive. And they are hard. But after working as an exam actor and as a trainer on more preparation courses than I can count for almost a decade, I have got some really valuable tips to help you through the process and give you the best...

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GP Receptionist Communication Skills Workshop

I recently had the honour of working with two local GP Practices, helping to train their reception staff in communication skills and strategies to help in their day to day duties. While designing these workshops I became very failure with the difficulties front line...

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A Summary Will Save The Day

We all know how important a summary is during a consultation, but still its easy to neglect to include one when you feel pressed for time. When you have ten minutes to cover a range of symptoms, check red flags, come to a diagnosis, discuss management, safety net and...

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When to ICE

One of the most important and useful bits of feedback I find myself giving time and time again is to elicit the patients ideas, concerns and expectations (aka, ICE) early in your consultations. Not just in exams but in day to day practice as well. A bone of contention...

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The Dirty Dancing Rule of Gestures

Actors are all too familiar with the what-do-I-do-with-my-hands panic. You’re standing on stage and are all of a sudden become very aware of your arms and hands and can’t find a way of positioning them in a way which feels natural. Time and time again I hear trainee...

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Why is it important to say sorry?

We have all heard that its important to say sorry when someone feels things have not gone as hoped but to demonstrate this point let me tell you a story with two endings. Tom was walking through a corridor at work. It was a long corridor with lots of double doors....

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Welcome to Procommskills

My name is Ed Kennedy, I am a communication skills trainer, facilitator, simulator and I run Procommskills. For the last 10 years I have been working all over the UK and internationally training doctors and other medical practitioners in communication skills to help...

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