Here are some of the common questions people have about the communication skills training available, and their answers. If theres a question you have that isn’t covered then please feel free to get in touch.
What does a typical session include?

A typical communication skills training session would include a discussion of the learners educational needs and what they want to achieve from the session before moving onto a simulation of a relevant communication situation.

For example, a trainee doctor preparing for an upcoming exam may wish to role-play some typical cases such as taking a history from a patient.

Following the role-play there would typically be a feedback session tailored to the learner’s needs.

This process can be repeated again and again to reinforce the learnings over the course of the session.

Where does the training take place?
Training can be arranged to take place at a venue convenient to the client.

Sessions can be booked for your place of learning, a private residence or even online via webcam for total convenience.

Are your staff trained medical professionals?
No, Procommskills staff are trained actors with many years experience training doctors, medical professionals and students as well as members of other professions in communication skills. Over that time they have gained an understanding of many procedures, conditions, treatments and policies but have no formal medical training.

The service provided is communication skills based only with superb facilitation skills. If a medical professional is required for a session and cannot be provided by the client please contact us to discuss your needs and various options.

Will scenarios be provided?
Scenarios can be provided and created to focus exactly on the learners needs on request. Please be aware that any previously used scenarios are kept confidential – any exam scenarios will not be used for private tuition sessions due to confidentiality issues. Please do not book a session in the hopes of working on actual exam scenarios, this will not occur.

Many clients and learners however have access to scenarios they wish to work on and can provide these in advance of the session so that work can begin right away.

How does the feedback work?
Feedback can be given in many ways. By targeting feedback to the areas the learner wants to focus on, outcomes can be achieved effectively. Before beginning a role-play session it is often useful for the learner to be asked about what aspects of their communication they would like to work on. Afterwards, feedback can be tailored to build those skills.

Some clients prefer feedback to be given solely in role, from the patient’s perspective. Others like feedback to be given out of role so that discussion can delve deeper into the learning outcomes.

After close to a decade of working in this sector Ed Kennedy recommends a mixture of the two.

For best results feedback can be given from the patients perspective first then moving on to talk about the session in more depth and explore what strategies worked well and where improvement can be made.

How much does a session cost?
Session prices range in relation to the length of the booking. Sessions start at £40 for a half hour online tutorial and go up to £350 for a full day of on site training. Bespoke sessions can also be created as needed.
How do I pay?

If you are booking on behalf of a company then an invoice will be provided within 7 days of the session and payment must be made in full within 28 days.

If you are booking as an individual or a study group then a 25% deposit plus estimated travel costs must be made in advance and the remainder of the balance must be paid at the beginning of the session.

All online tutorials must be paid for in full in advance.

The preferred method of payment is PayPal as this provides both parties with a secure and trusted payment channel. Other forms of payment accepted are bank transfer and cash (with a deposit in advance).

I live outside the UK, can I still book a session?
Yes. Online sessions can be booked and take place via Skype, FaceTime or any other compatible webcam chat program.

Alternatively, overseas workshops, sessions and courses can be arranged but all travel, accommodation and per diem expenses must be paid in addition to the usual fee. Also, traveling days may incur a fee.

Can I work for Procommskills?
Procommskills are always happy to hear from actors and facilitators who want to join the team. Please submit your details here.

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