Online Tutorials

Sessions can take place using Skype™ or Apple FaceTime™. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a webcam, or a  FaceTime™ compatible device


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Bespoke Workshops

Workshops for your staff or team, tailored to your exact learning requirements to build essential communication skills and strategies to take your workplace to the next level.


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One on One Tutorials

Private tuition for exam candidates and individuals wanting to improve their communication skills on a one to one basis to focus on personal learning goal


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GP Receptionist Workshops

Expertly lead workshops to give front-line GP reception staff new skills and stratagies to deal with the ever increasing pressure they face while increasing patient satisfaction.


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Group Tutorials

Sessions can be booked for a variety of consultation scenarios including general consultation in addition to OSCE, CSA and CASC exam practise, with the cost split between the group.


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Clinical Simulation

Simulators can be sourced for clinical training and assessment in education or the workplace providing consistently outstanding standardised performance and expert feedback.


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