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How Group Tutorials Work

Group tutorials allow you and your study group to share the cost of the session and all learn from each other. Each participant will get a chance to take part in a role-play followed by a discussion of what skills were used, what was successful and what alternative strategies could be utilised. Sessions last from one hour to a full day. Multiple scenarios will be covered in great depth and replayed to reinforce the learning outcomes and insure best practice and important skills really sink in.

Sessions can take place in your home, at your place of work or study or at an agreed upon location convenient to you.


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What is the benefit of Online Tuition? Do I really need it?

BENEFITS of One to One Tuition

By sharing the cost of a session, your whole study group can benefit from each others talents at a reduced price. Everyone has strengths and by observing your peers you can see different tactics and strategies with can benefit you.

After each role-play a group discussion will be facilitated by the trainer where useful skills are highlighted and alternative strategies can be explored. While each person will have less time practicing scenarios, everyone will benefit from watching each role-play and the feedback afterwards.


Do You Need Communication Skills tuition?

Are you preparing for exams like MRCPsych CASC, CSA, Stage 3 GP Training?

Do you have a job interview which will assess your communication Skills?

Are you giving complex information as part of your work?

Do you have to break bad news?

Do you struggle to cope when faced with strong emotions?

Would you like to feel you have done your best to help people?

Or do you interact with other people as part of your job?


What is needed for a Group Tutorial?

The main requirement for these sessions is a space in which they can take place.

This can be at your home, your place of work or study. If this isn’t possible then many spaces in convenient locations can be hired at a minimal extra cost


Online Tutorials are also available!

Do you want communication skills tuition but struggle to find time around work and life commitments? Online sessions offer maximum convenience by fitting around your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the session happen?


Sessions can take place in your home, at your place of work or study or if that isn’t possible then many places have spaces for hire in convenient locations at a small charge.

Do you provide the scenario for the tutorial?

Many clients want to use specific scenarios which they provide themselves, which is not a problem. I will need the scenario at least 24 hours in advance of the session so that I can learn it and identify the skills and learning outcomes to be covered.

If you would like me to provide a scenario for the session then I will need 48 hours notice so I can source or create one that meets your requirements. There is a £10 surcharge per scenario for this service.

We are preparing for something specific, do you cover this?

Communication skills are global and good communication works across all sectors and professions. By focusing on skills and strategies rather than the smallest details of the setting you can prepare for any situation.

That being said, if you can give some detail on the setting you will be facing, be it an exam, an interview or a difficult situation you are anticipating, I can make every effort to recreate this.

Are you clinically trained?

No, I am not clinically trained. I have worked across the world as a professional communication skills trainer and taken part in hundreds of clinical exams as a simulated patient, giving feedback to the examiner and have a very good understanding of how various exams, such as the MRCPsych CASC, CSA, Stage 3 GP Selection Centre, OSCE’s and other exams work and can give you useful tips and tricks to boost your exam technique in addition to building your communication skills and strategies.

How do we pay for the session?

A deposit must be made in advance. This will cover travel costs and venue hire where applicable (which are in addition to the tutorial fee) plus 25% of the session fee and is non-refundable.

The remainder of the balance can be paid in cash or by bank transfer at the start of the session.


I had an opportunity to work closely with Ed [from] for a communication skills training course for trainee psychiatrists in Cairo. Ed encouraged direct engagement of the trainees with a friendly and facilitative approach. At the same time, he was also able to clearly identify and indicate where they needed improvement and gave thoughtful feedback on their performances throughout the course. It was a pleasure to work with him, and needless to say, I thoroughly recommend his services for professionals organizing communication skills training.

Lena Palaniyappan

Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Nottingham, Institute of Mental Health, NHS

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