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The limitations of ICE

After 15 years of working in communication skills training, all over the world, I’ve more and more come the conclusion that it is of greater benifit to think about the patient’s agenda rather than their ICE.

A 5 step framework for dealing with anger

One of the most unpleasant interactions we can have with other people is those where we are dealing with an angry person.
As a professional, it’s often up to you to take this anger and make the situation more positive, but this is far from easy. When we have someone who is angry, we can feel under attack, we can get defensive and even combative.

Working with Emedica

Emedica offers training courses preparing candidates for, amongst other things, the GP Stage Three Assessment, and this course is second to none.
Having worked with Emedica for over four years, I can attest to the quality of the team they have put together. You’ll get a good feel for what this course includes and how well received it is from the video

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