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All one to one and group training sessions can now be delivered by Skype, Facetime, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

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How online Tutorials Work

Before the tutorial, you will be asked for the skills you want to work on and what the aim our time together will be to ensure a bespoke experience tailored to your exact requirements.  Each session lasts for 30 minutes and covers one scenario followed by focused feedback to highlight vital skills and learning outcomes. We will the repeat parts or all of the scenario to reinforce best practice and give you a chance to practice the skills discussed.

Multipal sessions can be booked at a discount so tutorials can be customised to your needs or a course of tutorials can be arranged in advance to save you money.


What is the benefit of Online Tuition? Do I really need it?

Benifits of Online Tuition

One to one tuition is the best way to focus on your exact needs. Sessions can be tailored to your precise requirements. By booking an online tutorial you are choosing the most cost effective way to build your communication skills. Online sessions are cheaper than tuition conducted in person and take place at a time best suited to you.

Your tutorial can take place in the evening, once children have been put to bed and you have the headspace to concentrate on building your skills.


Do You Need Communication Skills tuition?

Are you preparing for exams like MRCPsych CASC, CSA, Stage 3 GP Training?

Do you have a job interview which will assess your communication Skills?

Are you giving complex information as part of your work?

Do you have to break bad news?

Do you struggle to cope when faced with strong emotions?

Would you like to feel you have done your best to help people?

Or do you interact with other people as part of your job?


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What do I need to take part in Online Tuition?

If you are reading this website, then you most likely have the equipment needed for an online tutorial.

What you will need is:

1. An internet connected device with the ability to use video chat.

2. A Skype or FaceTime account.

3. An internet connection (broadband recommended)

4. A quiet space for 30 minutes

Thats it!


One to One and Group Workshops also available in person!

If you feel that you would benefit from a face to face session, these are also available in a one to one setting as well as for groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know if my equipment is capable of doing a video chat, how do I find out?

If you have an apple device then check to see if you have the FaceTime app installed. If so then you can make and receive video calls using this, it works on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

Other devices can use the Skype app to make and receive video calls. Once you have Skype installed and your account set up you can make a test call using the built in feature of Skype.


Do you provide the scenario for the tutorial?

Many clients want to use specific scenarios which they provide themselves, which is not a problem. I will need the scenario at least 24 hours in advance of the session so that I can learn it and identify the skills and learning outcomes to be covered.

If you would like me to provide a scenario for the session then I will need 48 hours notice so I can source or create one that meets your requirements. There is a £10 surcharge per scenario for this service.

I'm preparing for something specific, do you cover this?

Communication skills are global and good communication works across all sectors and professions. By focusing on skills and strategies rather than the smallest details of the setting you can prepare for any situation.

That being said, if you can give some detail on the setting you will be facing, be it an exam, an interview or a difficult situation you are anticipating, I can make every effort to recreate this.

Are you clinically trained?

No, I am not clinically trained. I have worked across the world as a professional communication skills trainer and taken part in hundreds of clinical exams as a simulated patient, giving feedback to the examiner and have a very good understanding of how various exams, such as the MRCPsych CASC, CSA, Stage 3 GP Selection Centre, OSCE’s and other exams work and can give you useful tips and tricks to boost your exam technique in addition to building your communication skills and strategies.

Can I negotiate a discount?

Discounts are available when booking blocks of sessions. A single session is priced at £50 and is very competitive. You can save up to £10 per session when booking multiple sessions.

How do I pay?

Payment must be made in advance of the sessions by Bank Transfer or cheque. Funds must have cleared before the first session. 

Ed’s online sessions are a great way to improve communication skills in a short period of time. I booked the online tutorial sessions to help with my MRCPsych CASC preparation. I could see myself grow in confidence with each practice session. Ed is an experienced exam actor and his feedback was very helpful.

Dr. Deepa Krishnan


Procommskills, managed by Mr. Ed Kennedy, familiarises one with the nuances involved in communication and raises one’s self-confidence to tackle any communication hurdle like a professional. It is also an excellent platform for assessment of one’s capability and readiness to take examinations where communication plays a crucial role. As the date for my CASC exam drew near, I participated in a mock examination with Mr Kennedy. This opportunity was integral in polishing my time management and communication skills. Mr Kennedy’s valuable advice also helped me understand the scenarios from the patients’ perspective, which significantly boosted my confidence. Mr Kennedy is a wonderful trainer who is one hundred percent committed to ensuring that his trainees are well equipped with the skills required for smooth and effective communication.

Dr. Akkshay Iyer


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