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What can workshops cover?


Managing Complaints Constructivily

Dealing with Anger

Effective Performance Review

Group Workshops

Telephone Communication Skills


Giving Complex Customer Support

Fostering Teamwork

And many more areas…

Every team of co-workers needs to communicate with clients, patients and each other every day. Workshops can be designed in co-operation with management to build necessary skills to perform in the workplace more efficiently, with better job satisfaction and greater customer satisfaction.

With a variety of options that can be included in each workshop, the sessions are flexible enough to help any team.

Options include…


By simulating a real life situation, participants can experiment with different communication strategies in a safe and supportive environment.

Forum Theatre

For larger groups, forum theatre can be used to demonstrate different scenarios while engaging the participants in a discussion of the learning outcomes and alternative communication strategies.

Group Discussion

To emphasise the learning, trainers can facilitate a discussion after the communication examples to bring about group learning and appreciation of best practices.

Focused Feedback

By highlighting the positive skills demonstrated during an interaction and exploring alternative strategies that could be employed, communication can be improved quickly with long lasting results.
The applications for this style of communication skills workshop are endless and the skills learned will prove vital to any professional in countless environments.

Examples include…


Reception Staff

Reception staff represent the front-line when it comes to the customer experience. To give them the best tools to foster a good experience they need to be equipped with the communication skills these workshops provide.

Sales Representatives

Sales can be a challenging role for the best employee, so to make the most of every opportunity, the chance to experiment with different strategies and gain feedback is invaluable.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives often have a tough job, so giving them the tools to deal with any challenge is imperative. Workshops can focus on challenging interactions, based on what participants face every day.

Conflict Resolution

Inta-colleague discussions are often some of the hardest and are therefore not tackled until a problem has progressed further than it needs to. By building the confidence to clearly communicate, work disputes can be tackled before the situation is irreparable.

Feebback from previous workshops

What did partisipants enjoy about the workshop?

“Going through scenarios”

“Consolidation of best practice”

“To be able to listen to my work collegues and talk to them about what they think of my practice and how i talk to patients ”

“Interaction between colleagues ”

When asked, all participants​ stated they learned valuable skills from the workshop.


A group of GP Receptionists were asked what effect the training workshop provided by Procommskills. They reported feeling…
  • More confident 75% 75%
  • Better equipped to deal with angry patients 100% 100%
  • Know how to ask tricky questions 75% 75%
  • Can better see the patients perspective 50% 50%
  • Better equipped to deal with demanding patients 75% 75%
  • Feel I can do my job better 50% 50%
  • Less confident 0% 0%
  • Worry I’m doing things wrong 0% 0%
  • No effect 0% 0%
This company was booked for the afternoon of July 5th, 2017 to provide our receptionists with strategies and solutions to deal with difficult patient/receptionist situations via role play, case-based scenarios, ​and forum theatre. I met with Ed twice prior to our afternoon so that we could devise the best training package for our staff needs. On the day,  Ed and colleague Rhiannon delivered an extremely useful and insightful training programme that all staff members found beneficial. Their non-judgemental, friendly approach ensured that even the staff members who were initially nervous or apprehensive relaxed and joined in with the sessions. I can genuinely say that everyone gained from the experience and I have no hesitation in recommending this company to you, whether your receptionists are in need of refreshing their skills, or they are relatively inexperienced in their roles.
Mrs Kim Crossley

Asst. Practice Manager, Vernon St and The Lanes Medical Centre

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With so many options, it is not feasable to give a price for these workshops here. Options like whether you will require facilitators or will want to use your own team, if you need scenarios creating to suit your learning requirments or will write these yourself or if you want to use forum theatre, role-play or both all effect the final quote.

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