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Kim Crossley Asst. Practice Manager Vernon St and The Lanes Medical Centres

This company was booked for the afternoon of July 5th, 2017 to provide our receptionists with strategies and solutions to deal with difficult patient/receptionist situations via role play, case-based scenarios, and forum theatre. I met with Ed twice prior to our afternoon so that we could devise the best training package for our staff needs. On the day, Ed and colleague Rhiannon delivered an extremely useful and insightful training programme that all staff members found beneficial. Their non-judgemental, friendly approach ensured that even the staff members who were initially nervous or apprehensive relaxed and joined in with the sessions. I can genuinely say that everyone gained from the experience and I have no hesitation in recommending this company to you, whether your receptionists are in need of refreshing their skills, or they are relatively inexperienced in their roles.

Although I attended few courses for CASC preparation, I found Skype study with Ed more helpful. This helped me to have a structure to the interview and helped me to develop communication skills. Practicing OSCEs with him helped me to improve my confidence and this in turn was useful for my ST4 interview. I strongly recommend practicing with Ed especially for CASC.

Dr Akkshay Iyer CT3

Procommskills, managed by Mr. Ed Kennedy, familiarises one with the nuances involved in communication and raises one’s self-confidence to tackle any communication hurdle like a professional. It is also an excellent platform for assessment of one’s capability and readiness to take examinations where communication plays a crucial role. As the date for my CASC exam drew near, I participated in a mock examination with Mr Kennedy. This opportunity was integral in polishing my time management and communication skills. Mr Kennedy’s valuable advice also helped me understand the scenarios from the patients’ perspective, which significantly boosted my confidence. Mr Kennedy is a wonderful trainer who is one hundred percent committed to ensuring that his trainees are well equipped with the skills required for smooth and effective communication.

Dr Sam Malins Research Clinical Psychologist

Very professional, well prepared, flexible and patient with us in the development of a therapeutic training video. Above all authentic!

This is one of the best communication skills training programme and very useful for passing the CASC.

This is the most useful communication skills course I attended. I strongly recommend this to candidates preparing for their CASC exams.

Emedica Partisipant

I have scored 51/52 in my [GP Stage 3] interview. I would really like to thank my 1:1 trainer Ed Keneddy as he pointed out what I was doing wrong and the tweaks I needed to ace the best results. He was very kind and helped me improve without losing my confidence.

Dr Lena Palaniyappan University of Nottingham & SPMM Course

I had an opportunity to work closely with Ed [from Procommskills.com]for a communication skills training course for trainee psychiatrists in Cairo. Ed encouraged direct engagement of the trainees with a friendly and facilitative approach. At the same time, he was also able to clearly identify and indicate where they needed improvement and gave thoughtful feedback on their performances throughout the course. It was a pleasure to work with him, and needless to say, I thoroughly recommend his services for professionals organizing communication skills training.

Dr Deepa Krishnan CT3

Ed’s online sessions are a great way to improve communication skills in a short period of time. I booked the online tutorial sessions to help with my MRCPsych CASC preparation. I could see myself grow in confidence with each practice session. Ed is an experienced exam actor and his feedback was very helpful.

Dr Abhinav Rastogi Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS

I had the pleasure of working with Ed  [from Procommskills.com]  in an international communication skills workshop in Egypt. I found Ed to be an excellent teacher. He has a brilliant aptitude for communication skills, a keen eye for noticing subtle communication errors and a gentle positive attitude in helping his students overcome the obstacles they faced. He is a surprisingly good actor and adapted to his roles with ease and confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending him whatsoever.

An excellent step I took while preparing for my CASC exams was to acquire effective communication skills with the help of Mr Ed Kennedy who heads Procommskills . He is an experienced actor who has taken part in many mock exams and enacts the roles of patients one encounters in real life situations. The scenarios I practiced with Mr Kennedy and his valuable advice helped me understand the situation from the patient’s perspective, which significantly boosted my confidence. These sessions are especially useful for doctors living overseas as they would find it difficult to personally attend the mock exams held in the UK as this can be done online via Skype from the comfort of one's home.

Dr Rochelle Ramkisson Faculty - Oxford Psych Course

Ed Kennedy is an enthusiastic actor who is dedicated to the roles he plays. His contribution to the training of junior doctors is valued. He is well prepared and always delivers a fantastic performance, portraying various mental illnesses.

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