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Procommskills is looking to recruit new role-players and patient simulators for upcoming projects across the UK.
The work is flexible and can suit most people’s schedule with pay that is above average.

Experience is a benefit but not necessary as full training can be given.

A typical booking will involve learning a role and taking part in a mock consultation with a medical professional.

These roles can be anything from a simple discussion of a cough or cold with a GP or nurse, a physical examination such as taking blood pressure or testing your hearing or more in-depth scenarios such as discussing mental health issues, sexual health issues or more involved physical examination.

After the role-play, there will be a feedback session where the group will share observations on how the session went and the medical professional  will receive constructive advice on how to improve.

This will often be delivered by a dedicated facilitator but can also be given by the role-player.

The fee for these bookings ranges from £70 to £450 depending on the length of the session and nature of the role. In most cases, travel and any accommodation expenses are covered as well where appropriate.

A package of resources will also be made available to further aid role-players in delivering training sessions to the best of their ability prior to any bookings.

Interested applicants will be invited to take part in an audition where they will be given a role to learn in advance and then take part in a workshop to assess their ability. Further training may also be offered before any bookings are offered.

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