I have scored 51/52 in my [GP Stage 3] interview. I would really like to thank my 1:1 trainer Ed Keneddy as he pointed out what I was doing wrong and the tweaks I needed to ace the best results. He was very kind and helped me improve without losing my...

Sam Malins – Video Day

Very professional, well prepared, flexible and patient with us in the development of a therapeutic training video. Above all authentic!

Rochelle – OxfordPsych

Ed Kennedy is an enthusiastic actor who is dedicated to the roles he plays. His contribution to the training of junior doctors is valued. He is well prepared and always delivers a fantastic performance, portraying various mental illnesses.

Abhinav – Cairo

I had the pleasure of working with Ed  [from Procommskills.com]  in an international communication skills workshop in Egypt. I found Ed to be an excellent teacher. He has a brilliant aptitude for communication skills, a keen eye for noticing subtle communication...

Lena Palaniyappan – Cairo

I had an opportunity to work closely with Ed [from Procommskills.com]for a communication skills training course for trainee psychiatrists in Cairo. Ed encouraged direct engagement of the trainees with a friendly and facilitative approach. At the same time, he was also...

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