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Patient Simulation in Educational Institutions
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Patient simulation is a vital part of medical education! Medical schools and educational institutions looking for patient simulators, clinical communication skills trainers and facilitators need to look no further. With a talented group of simulated patients who have years of experience, quality is assured.

Give your students the best opportunity to learn from consistent role-play scenarios which are able to be repeated and re-wound as needed and benefit from in-depth, targeted feedback delivered at a professional level.

Whether you need one actor for a psychiatric or medical scenario or twenty actors, a relative for a medical mannequin or an experienced facilitator, get in touch for a quote using the form below.

Session topics



Simulated patients for all forms of communication assessments. Consistent performances for each student with valuable feedback for the examiner.


Beginners Consultation Skills

Covering the introduction, negotiating the agenda and exploring presenting complaint while using key skills such as I.C.E., empathy and summary.


Advanced Consultation Skills

Learn how to manage a consultation with a limited amount of time while overcoming challenging patient issues.


Telephone Communication Skills

Learn how to communicate effectively when you can’t see the other person’s face or body language.


Giving Complex Information

Learn how to break complex information down into manageable chunks using language that is easy to understand while getting invaluable feedback from a simulated patent that would be impossable from a real patient.


Breaking Bad News

This is one of the most challenging types of communication for medical professionals that can leave them feeling traumatised themselves. Being able to gain the skills to do it well and feel the patient has been supported is vital.

Psychiatric Consultation

With such a wide range of psychiatric presentations, gaining experience with dealing with what you could encounter is difficult but using experienced patient simulators, as many cases as needed can be explored.


Dealing with Relatives

Relatives present a different set of issues, such as opposing a management plan, talking over the patient, consent, confidentiality or just the unforeseen. Patient simulation gives the oppitunity to vairy the challenge to your exact needs.


Coping with Anger

Often when people are under stress, the emotion they display is anger, but being able to defuse that emotion and uncover the root cause is a skill every medical professional will benefit from. Patient simulation offers a safe learning enviroment that is impossible otherwise.


Bespoke Sessions

Sessions can be designed in co-operation with your learning needs to provide the exact outcomes you desire. Whatever the situation your staff or students face can be tackled and key skills taught to improve communication skills, the patient experience and staff moral.


Many More...

These are just a few of the more common topics that can be covered. Every learner’s needs are unique however and so is each session. If you have areas of learning that are not mentioned here, please be assured that they are all possible. Just get in touch to discuss them further.

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Whether you need one actor for a psychiatric or medical scenario or twenty, a relative for a medical mannequin or an experienced facilitator, get in touch for a quote using the form below.
Image Credit – NUH NHS Trust

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