Booking Terms and Conditions

Definitions For the purposes of these terms and conditions you (the person booking or undertaking this communication skills training session) shall be referred to as “the client”.  The person leading the session shall be referred to as “the tutor” and the communication skills training session shall be referred to as “the session”.

The Session

The session date, time, venue and other details will be confirmed to the client in writing by the tutor. Until confirmation is received, all sessions should be considered as provisionally booked.

The Booking

All booking requests submitted via this form shall be considered preliminary until such time as they have been confirmed in writing or email. The tutor and/or Procommskills shall be held accountable for bookings that have not been confirmed.


The session will incur a cost plus any expenses incurred by the tutor, including, but not limited to travel, teaching materials and extra tutoring staff, hereafter called “the fee”. The fee will be confirmed in the aforementioned confirmation in writing.

The fee must be paid in full, minus any deposit, charged at the tutor’s discretion, in advance of the session, unless agreed in advance in writing from the tutor. Where any agreed payment schedule is not adhered to by the client then interest at the national base rate may be applied to any remaining portion of the fee. If complete payment of the fee is not received within 28 days of the date due then any and all legal measures may be undertaken by the tutor to obtain the fee plus any incurred expenses in recovering the fee, from the client.

Cancellation Policy

The client may cancel the session with no penalty, up to 14 days before the scheduled session where payment has not been taken. If payment of the fee has been made at the time of cancellation, then the tutor may deduct percentage before issuing a refund, to cover transaction costs.

Payment of the fee in full will be due if the client cancels the session within 14 days of the session.

The tutor may cancel the policy by providing written notice to the client. Any fee or portion of the fee paid to the tutor must be refunded in full to the client where the tutor has cancelled the session.


The client hereby agrees that it is understood by them that the tutor,

Will provide guidance and tutoring in communication skills. Will give feedback to the client based on their understanding of the clients learning needs. Shall not provide professional medical or clinical training. Shall not share confidential information

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